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Recordings of Works

You can download the recordings below to listen to them. All pieces are compressed in MP3 - format and can be accessed directly by modern Browsers. If you would like to save the pieces to your own system, simply click with the right mouse button on the links and choose "Save target as...." from your menu.


Canto 33 (Excerpts)

these are excerpts from the premiere at the Peters church Basle. Private recording

Recording 1: Canto 33, Ausschnitt 2.mp3

Recording 2: Canto 33, Ausschnitt 1.mp3

Date: 2007

Location: Basle, Romainmotier

Performers: AD hoc vocal ensemble, Conductor: Helena Winkelman

Instruments: 18 singers (9 female, 8 male voices, 1 countertenor) harp in overtone -tuning, contrabass-clarinet, percussion

Duration: 45 min

Chamber Opera Extravagancia

Excerpts from the video - soundtrack

Recording 1: 03 Rap def.mp3

Recording 2: Landa, Laguna

Recording 3: Pasa un dia...

Date: 2010

Performers: Cecilia Arellano, Ensemble Phoenix (Samuel Wettstein: Synthprogramming, Daniel Buess, Perc)

Duration: 1 h 15 min

Chill't horn

This piece was a commission of the Tonkünstlerverein and performed at its festivities during the lucerne festival.

Recording 1: Chill't horn for ensemble

Date: 2010

Location: Luzern, Südpol

Performers: Students of the Musikhochschule Luzern

Instruments: Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Contrabass, clarinet, Hackbrett

Duration: 8.40

Fremdländler for Ensemble (on a scary story by Franz Hohler)

Excerpt from a recording by DRS 2 Radio

Recording 1: Fremdländler for ensemble (excerpt

Date: 2007

Performers: Camerata Variabile, Karin Dornbusch, Klarinette, Noldi Alder Hackbrett, Winkelman,Sachs, Dangel: Streichtrio

From the Ashes

For ensemble. Written in Basel and Longbredy, England

Recording 1: From the ashes "After the sacrifice"

Recording 2: From the Ashes song of the phoenix-Alphornsolo

Date: 2006

Location: Concert hall of the music academy basle

Performers: Ensemble Phoenix Basel, Jürg Henneberger, Dirigent

Instruments: For an ensemble of 14 players (conductor inclusive)

Duration: 15 min

Golem (full version)

Live-recording of the first performance, full version.

Recording 1: Golem 1

Date: 10.2001

Location: Cath. church St. Katharinental in Diessenhofen, Switzerland

Performers: Alain Winkelman, Helena Winkelman

Instruments: Violin, tamtam (

Duration: 00:08:06


Live-recording of the first performance, full version

Recording 1: Immediation

Date: 06.2001

Location: Cath. church St. Katharinental in Diessenhofen, Switzerland

Performers: Alain Winkelman, Helena Winkelman

Instruments: Violin, tibetan sounding bowl

Duration: 00:03:33

Quadriga Quartet

This is my first String quartet, it has been commissioned by the Basle chamber Music Society and premiered by the Arditti String Quartet. It is dedicated to Eberhard Feltz

Recording 1: 4th movement: Sleipnir the eight-legged

Date: Nov. 2012

Location: Basel, Bastad, Paris

Performers: Camerata Variabile: Helena Winkelman, Bogdan Bozovic, Raphael Sachs, Christoph Dangel

Instruments: String quartet

Duration: 28 min

Rondo with a Janushead

Private recording

Recording 1: Rondo mit einem Januskopf

Date: 05.2002

Location: Church of St.Peter, Basel, Switzerland

Performers: Helena Winkelman, Christoph Dangel

Instruments: Violin, Violoncello

Duration: 00:07:08

RotaOratTaroAtor, WBGH Boston LIVE

Commissioned by the Harvard musical association, boston

Recording 1: RotaOratTaroAtor, WBGH Boston LIVE Aufnahme 2005

Date: 2005

Location: Radio WBGH Studios, Boston, Live

Performers: Helena Winkelman (Violine), Anton Kernjak (Klavier)

Instruments: Violin and Piano

Duration: 14:30

Shepherd's scene

This is the first and one of the best songs that were composed for the Avalon String Ensemble

Recording 1: Shepherd's scene.mp3

Location: Davos, festival

Performers: Avalon String Ensemble

Instruments: String - nonett, piano and percussion

Duration: 3 min

Six Haiku

Live recording, Leonhards church Basel

Recording 1: Big and bright the moon...

Recording 2: From six haiku: Nothing in the voice of the cricket...

Date: 2012

Location: Longbredy, England

Performers: Kurt Widmer, Bariton; Stephan Schmidt, Gitarre, Mircea Ardeleanu, Perc; Streichtrio: Camerata Variabile

Instruments: Bassbariton, guitar, String trio, small perc - Instruments

Duration: 15 min

Song of the Reed (poem by rumi)

Commission from OCM Prussia Cove/Nicholas Berwin

Date: 2009

Location: St. Anna chapel, Switzerland

Performers: Isabelle Schnöller, flute, Helena Winkelman and Friedemann Treiber, Violins, Becky Jones, Viola, Tobias Moster, Cello

Instruments: Flute/piccolo and altoflute (alternating) and String quartet

Duration: 30 min

Spells and charms from ancient times

Recording 1: Call of the sentinel when the sun rises (Trad. swiss text)

Recording 2: Goats no waltz & Impro & Filifausel.mp3

Recording 3: Schicksal (lett) Begu dienu.mp3

Recording 4: Sontag Barbara (holy Barbara)

Date: August 2013

Location: Basle, Romainmotier, Aerö

Performers: Putni vocal group, camerata variabile

Instruments: 8 women's voices, violin, cello, contrabass, clarinet, cornetto, swiss dulcimer

Duration: 40 min


This recording has been made by Genuin at their recording studios in Leipzig

Recording 1: Tides.mp3

Date: 2009

Performers: Vivane Chassot, Vogler Quartett

Instruments: Accordion and string quartet

Duration: 15 min

TREE TALK Excerpt from the premiere in Zürich

This work was a commission of the camerata Zürich. The premiere was at the Tonhalle Zürich

Recording 1: Tree talk, excerpt of the premiere, LIVE

Date: 2012

Performers: Thomas und Patrick Demenga, Solocelli, Camerata Zürich

Instruments: Two solo cellos and string orchestra

Duration: 12 min

Vers l'ouvert

Recording by Radio DRS. Commissioned by the Sinfonietta Basel. Written in Vienna/Basle/Romainmotier

Recording 1: Vers l'ouvert

Date: 03.2008

Location: Casino Basle

Performers: Karen Kamensek, Dirigent, Sinfonietta Basel

Instruments: Symphony orchestra: 2,2,3,2 - 4,2, 3,1

Duration: 16:30


Commission of the Musikfabrik Cologne

Recording 1: Vestibula III

Recording 2: Vestibula IV, Musikfabrik

Recording 3: Vestibula V, Musikfabrik Köln

Date: April 2009

Location: London

Performers: Musikfabrik Köln

Instruments: Harp in overtone -tuning, Clarinet, Flute/Piccolo

Duration: 18 min (alle 6 vestibula)

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