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Meet the Artist!

Has never been to a soccer game in her life. 

As a sleep - deprived workoholic she loves the moon.

Doesn't really like pubs - unless there is someone playing folk-music inside.

Nevertheless many of her friendships started over a glass of Whiskey.

Practices qi-gong in the mornings and can be seen hugging trees.

Likes to observe things with the outworlders eye but also loves to cook.

Believes that fear is a bad motivation for change and that a musician actually is a social worker.

Holds a diploma as a hypnotist and a degree in Reiki II.

Can't drive a car but can ride horses (preferably icelandic ones)

Plays music preferably with friends. 

Can express herself utterly and unashamedly unladylike. (Preferably in english speaking countries)


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